Installing Confidence

Skybridge specialises in infrastructure and asset management, installation and maintenance for corporate and government clients seeking efficient service and minimum delivery risks Australia wide.

Since 1999, Skybridge has managed, installed, and maintained small-scale satellite and device infrastructure solutions across Australia, with over 2,000 technicians in the field and over 850,000 site visits.

Skybridge provides an integrated service that is cost-effective and enables our clients to focus on their core business of attracting and retaining customers. The company’s track record of excellence is especially strong in rural and regional Australia, servicing the end customers that others can’t.

Skybridge has enabled major infrastructure rollouts as part of the NBN project, including the fixed wireless, satellite, and medical alarm components. Utilising the loyal workforce, processes and systems that were developed over 14 years at Skybridge, Skybridge has now diversified into new industries including alternative energy, facilities management and mining services, and are set to continue our expansion into the future.

Tanarra initially invested in Skybridge in September 2014.