Oxford PV

Groundbreaking Advances in Solar Photovoltaics

Oxford PV is the first company worldwide to commercialise perovskite technology, a new form of thin-film solar cell.

Founded in 2010 as a spin-out from the University of Oxford, Oxford Photovoltaics Limited (Oxford PV) is the world leader in commercialising perovskite technology – a new low-cost, high efficiency solar cell.

Perovskite materials, manufactured and applied through Oxford PV’s proprietary process, have the ability to improve the efficiency of a silicon solar cells by over 25.0%. These materials will drive enormous improvements in the performance and cost of current solar PV and Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems.

Co-Founder Professor Henry Snaith was among the first in the world to recognize the potential of a chemical structure called perovskite to act as a low-cost, highly efficient solar cell absorber material to convert sunlight into electricity. Oxford PV holds an exclusive license over this research, which is being developed for commercialization in close collaboration with the University of Oxford Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Device Group.

Tanarra invested as part of the company’s Series B round in September 2015. Subsequently, Oxford PV has acquired a production site to provide modern, pilot scale capacity necessary for commercial deployment, and signed a major Joint Development Agreement with a global manufacturer of solar cells and modules. The company’s Series C round closed in December 2016.

A Perovskite Solar Cell