Launch of Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors


02 August 2017


Tanarra to provide pro bono advisory service to charities

John Wylie AM, Principal of Tanarra Group, today announced the establishment of Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors [TPA], a pro-bono independent advisory service providing high level strategic and financial advice to Boards and CEOs of Australian charities.

Tom Forde has been appointed as TPA’s Chief Executive Officer. Tom joins TPA from BHP where he had a strong focus on the transparency and improvement of BHP’s Corporate Social Responsibility performance including two years leading BHP’s Corporate Sustainability Performance and Reporting division. He has a background working in roles that require a balance of both commercial and social outcomes.

John Wylie said “Through our support for the not-for-profit sector, my wife Myriam and I have come to recognise that the causes being championed by Boards and CEOs of many charities could be assisted with access to the kind of independent strategic and financial advice available to the corporate sector.

“I am excited to be initiating Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors. We have decided to launch it as a pro bono service with the philanthropic support of Tanarra, as we want to make it as accessible as possible to not-for-profit organisations. Tanarra is happy to provide this support as we believe this is an investment in capability building in the sector with the potential for a much greater leveraged impact than simple financial donations.

“This is a great time for the charity sector in Australia. Philanthropic support for good causes has never been stronger and continues to increase. We want to help charities grow, succeed in their mission and realise their ambitions.

“I am delighted Tom Forde has accepted the position as CEO of TPA. He is an outstanding young executive who understands the not-for-profit space, and has a deep desire to make a difference, Tom will be supported by the people and financial resources of the Tanarra Group.

“This is not about turning charities into businesses. Our vision is to strengthen the strategic and financial positions of these organisations in order to support and enhance the great work that they are already doing. We see this initiative as complementary to the existing support in the sector and believe that we can all work together to help Australian charities be seen by their philanthropic, corporate and government partners as ‘best practice’ organisations.”

TPA CEO Tom Forde said “When John first described the idea of TPA to me, I instantly knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. There is a huge opportunity for TPA to support Australian charities in becoming more successful organisations. We will approach our charity partnerships with understanding and respect for their passion, values and outstanding contributions to date.”

Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors will have an initial focus on charities working in the Education, Community Welfare, Health and Indigenous sectors. The type of advice being offered will primarily be focused on helping charities shape better strategies and business models.

Mr. Wylie said “Over the past few weeks, Tom and I have begun engaging with a number of charities and sector leaders to discuss their needs and areas where we could make the greatest impact. They, like we, can see the contribution that can be made.”

Comments include:

David Gonski AC: “I think the Tanarra offer is extremely generous. It is an offer whereby not-for-profits can get the opportunity of getting top drawer corporate advice for free. This is something that has not been enormously available before and given the exciting things that not-for-profits are doing will I believe be welcome and will assist these organisations significantly.”

Melodie Potts Rosevear, Founder, CEO and Board Member for Teach For Australia: “The concept behind Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors is intuitively a highly valuable and a much needed model. The challenges of scale, sustainability and impact are becoming ever more acute and complex. Charities require fresh thinking and additional management capacity to tackle these issues. Our challenges are compounded by working within a resource-constrained environment. The opportunity to leverage the level of commercial and strategic insight that is being offered by TPA will be invaluable. We very much looking forward to working with TPA and focusing on building the necessary capacity to both Teach For Australia and the wider charity sector to continue to drive positive outcomes for our beneficiaries.”


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